The main emphasis in this project was to carefully follow the details and content of the original building deign due to its heritage values. Whilst the shell of the new wing respects the existing building externally it introduces its own modern twist within allowing a contemporary expression. It allows much better relationships to the outside spaces than in the original.
In projects of any heritage nature aspects of innovation often run contrary to the core endeavours of respecting the existing building. The innovation in this project relates largely to a demonstration of its transformation to retain its external appearance in a consistent manner yet transform the inner spaces into elements that reflect a more contemporary aspiration.
The palette of materials used for this building stems not only from the clues presented by the original structure but also the introduction of more modern elements such as glass, steel and timber. These are used judiciously to achieve a layering affect to the renovation and add colour and texture to the scheme.
The use of larger areas of glass in the rear (the north side) enable a significantly improved inside outside relationship to be addressed in the design. The location and use of these elements avoids any conflict with the heritage character of the dwelling and produces a satisfyingly contemporary home.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe, Melissa Kemp
Project Architect/Draftsman: Melissa Kemp
Interior Design: Karin McNamara
Engineer: Northrop
Builder: Prostyle Building Group
Photographer: studio2point8

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