An existing house adjacent to the Deakin Shops was demolished to make way for these two modernist dwellings.

Whilst the primary driver behind the architectural brief was to produce dwellings that would work as a commercial investment the client sought some excellence in design.

The designer David Simon said of the design

The concept is conceived as a series of strong horizontal geometric shapes, essentially brick portals. They reinforce the essential single storey/ low level streetscape along Gawler Crescent. On the North face, the horizontal space within the portals is glazed to reflect the generous wide bands of glass present on most of the houses along the street.
The glass is set well back from the front of the portals to protect them from the elements and to emphasize the 3D articulation.
To counter the horizontal configuration and to give the units an obvious street address, a tall tower-like element is located between the portals containing both the front door and a highlight window. The ‘towers’ are set back so as not to compete too strongly with the essential horizontal appearance.

project credits
Design Architect: David Simon
Project Architect: David Simon
Structural Consultant: Creative

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